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33 sensational pictures of the Coronavirus pandemic that will make you go OMG!!

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There have been few years in recent memory which has brought absolute misfortune and devastation to mankind. From natural calamities to man-made disasters, 2020 has been an unforgiving year, to say the least. But when we think about 2020 in 20 years time, it will always be remembered as the year when the deadly Coronavirus spread throughout the world, resulting in a death toll of thousands across continents and people infected in millions in pretty much every country possible. Even as we speak, the number is increasing at an alarming rate every minute. To combat the spread of the Coronavirus, governments across the world have had to introduce unprecedented measures like locking down entire cities, bringing in strict social distancing measures, making protective gear like gloves and face-masks mandatory at public places etc. The way this global pandemic has changed the world is nothing less than extraordinary. As we complete almost half a year adjusting in this Covid-19 infested world, we have been witness to many never seen before unbelievable visuals from across the globe, only made possible by the Novel Coronavirus. Here we try to bring you 33 of the best pictures from around the world after the Coronavirus struck.

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[…] This is a no brainer and probably a bigger reason than the rest of the 19 reasons combined on why 2020 sucks. Taken out straight from a nightmare of a Sci-fi movie ( Contagion. We’re looking at you!), one tiny virus cripples whole humanity at an unprecedented scale, infects millions across the globe, kills thousands and leaving barely any country on this planet unaffected. We are the first-time witnesses of epic scale “lockdowns”, “social distancing” and the widespread prevalence of masks and sanitizers. Since the first patient died in China on 11th January of Covid-19, over 5.8 million cases… Read more »


[…] But with time, the situation improved in many western countries. Along with that, we have come up with better precautionary practices and protective devices to stop the rapid spread of the deadly virus. This has created an environment for many of our beloved sporting competitions to resume, albeit under locked doors, with not a single fan being allowed to enter the stadium or arena. The site of eerily empty and quiet stadiums which are generally found rocking with thousands of nois… […]